About Us

Smarty Schoolwear Ltd was set up in 1986. It has been supplying tailored school uniforms for over 25yrs. Smarty Schoolwear Ltd is Hertfordshire’s fastest growing independent schoolwear retailer.

Our aim is to provide every single customer, the highest quality products, with the most efficient service possible.

We understand buying school uniform can become expensive and stressful. We try to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

Smarty Schoolwear have established excellent long term partnerships with it’s supply chain. It allows us to purchase products at short notice and to get tailor made products if required. All products are sourced from the best suppliers, to make sure the products are consistently of the highest quality and the most competitive prices.

Our Community

Supplying school uniforms comes with a commitment to the local community we supply. Smarty Schoolwear Ltd always wants to say thank you to the schools (whose uniform we supply) for supporting us, by giving a either donation to their school funds or by purchasing products the schools require e.g. sports kits, trophies.

We follow the government’s guidelines on school uniform supplying, by not tying any of our schools down to single supplier contracts. We believe in fair competition with the understanding that the parent should always be the winner.

The Future

Smarty Schoolwear Ltd continues to grow year or year. Attracting new schools every year, who believe in our ethos of ‘the parent comes first’. We are trying to reduce the stress of school uniform purchasing on parents by introducing new services with technology, and taking the pressure of school’s we supply limited resources. All with our renowned service and flexibility.

Thank you for your continued support.