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We are an independent school uniform and sportswear retailer based in the UK, serving over 40 schools nationwide. Selling quality tailored uniforms, sportswear via our online site and store based in Hertfordshire. We have been supplying tailored school uniforms for over 30 years. All our uniforms are designed to the highest specifications and quality and supplied using renowned efficient customer service. We keep our prices very competitive and have stock of all uniforms throughout the year. Supplying school uniforms comes with a commitment to the local community, and we thank the schools for giving us their support. Our ethos is ‘The parent comes first’ We reduce the stress of school uniform purchasing, by offering multi-channel retailing via the internet, phone or in-store. By supplying high quality garments with a service to match, the schools we supply have always commended for taking the pressure off them,


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Welcome to Smarty Schoolwear

Smarty Schoolwear Ltd was set up in 1986. It has been supplying tailored school uniforms for over 25yrs. Smarty Schoolwear Ltd is Hertfordshire’s fastest growing independent schoolwear retailer. Our aim is to provide every single customer, the highest quality products, with the most efficient service possible. We understand buying school uniform can become expensive and stressful. We try to keep our prices as competitive as possible. Smarty Schoolwear have established excellent long term partnerships with it’s supply chain. It allows us to purchase products at short notice and to get tailor made products if required... Read More ›